Macha Mission Hospital

Macha Mission Hospital (Macha Hospital) has transformed the quality of life for many people in southeastern Zambia.

Founded in 1957 by Brethren in Christ missionaries, today the Brethren in Christ Church in Zambia leads the community outreach, which proclaims the love of Christ through providing quality medical care for Zambia’s underserved population. Through its Christian outreach, many patients also come to faith during their stay at the hospital.

Groundbreaking Medical Work

Since Macha Hospital’s inception, diseases like measles and leprosy have been eliminated. Combating AIDS, Macha Hospital has enrolled more than 11,000 HIV-positive individuals in treatment, many of whom have returned to normal lives. For more than five years, all babies of HIV positive mothers attending the hospital antenatal clinic have been born HIV-free.

Scope of Outreach

Each year, the hospital serves more than 30,000 patients, most of whom are subsistence farmers who make less than a dollar a day. Macha Hospital includes a 208-bed inpatient facility, outpatient clinic, nursing school, and comprehensive community health care programs.

The hospital is affiliated with Macha Research Trust, a world-renowned medical research center collaborating with Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health to treat and eliminate malaria; since 2004, malaria has been reduced >95% from previous years.