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Thanks to the generous support of our donors, current funding needs for this project have been met.


In Zambia’s Southern Province, where farming and other agrarian practices are crucial for survival, crops and livestock face many threats. 

Impoverished soils, ever-shrinking free range lands, unreliable rain fall, and invasive pests all have damaging impact on farmers’ incomes. While fertilizer for crops and quality feed for animals may be available, these products are expensive and out of reach for many. A single bad year can cause an entire community to struggle with food scarcity and lack of income. 

Partner with the Zambian BIC Church to develop sustainable solutions to improve soil quality, control pests, and increase crop yields. 

The BIC Church in Zambia desires to make a sustainable impact within its rural communities. In addition to exploring options for raising chickens and cattle as income-generating projects, the church is implementing new strategies and practices for economic development.  

Starting with low-cost, naturally-occurring inputs, sustainable agricultural techniques will bless farming communities throughout Zambia’s Southern Province with long-term growth and development opportunities. Some enterprising agricultural projects include: 

  • Empowering farmers with drought-resistant farming techniques
  • Teaching farmers to produce organic fertilizers and pesticides to reduce cost and increase agricultural yields
  • Growing multi-purpose crops that replenish the soil and can be used as feed or fertilizer 
  • Cultivating innovative livestock feeds including napier grass, azolla, and black soldier fly larvae
  • Building incubators that can turn a few chickens into a profitable chicken-raising business 
  • Preserving fruits and vegetables with solar dryers to increase their longevity and value 

Many of the techniques and materials need for developing the above are scarce in the region. The project will provide agricultural training for communities while establishing demonstration fields, plant nurseries and cultivation sites at BIC churches and mission stations throughout Southern Zambia making these practices and resources available to be shared and reproduced in surrounding farming communities.  

By giving to the Agriculture Development Project, you will help our Zambian brothers and sisters implement effective techniques for raising crops and livestock within their communities, providing well for their families and sharing the benefits of sustainable practices with others.