Bibles for Spain

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Less than 1% of Spain’s population are evangelical Christians. While Spain is a Catholic country, the majority of Spaniards are nominal or cultural Christians who lack biblical literacy. Many times they are even discouraged from reading the Bible.

In the rapidly growing Brethren in Christ Church (BIC Church) in Spain, the message of Jesus Christ has been powerfully drawing spiritual seekers and new believers. Yet, as we disciple new believers, we have discovered they know very little of the transforming message found in the Bible.

It’s critical they have an opportunity to read and study the Bible, a foundational practice for knowing and deepening a relationship with God. Help us provide every spiritual seeker and new Christ-follower in our churches a personal Bible, including providing children’s Bibles to families.

By donating to the Bibles for Spain project, you give a spiritual seeker or new Christ-follower in Spain an opportunity to know the transforming message of God’s love found in Scripture.