Bicycles for Pastors

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In Mozambique, most Brethren in Christ (BIC) churches are located in rural areas, and pastors lack transportation to reach the vast, remote regions where their churches are located.

Primarily subsistence farmers, pastors cannot often afford vehicles or bicycles. Yet, they desperately want to share the good news of Jesus Christ with their surrounding communities.

Help us purchase bicycles for pastors in rural Mozambique. Through owning bicycles, pastors can reach additional areas through evangelism, visit and care for the sick and needy in their congregations, and regularly disciple new church plants.

A spiritual hunger exists in rural Mozambique, and in the last few years, the church has been rapidly multiplying. Brethren in Christ pastors in Mozambique hope to plant between 5 and 10 churches there each year, and providing bicycles will aid pastors in their efforts to spread the gospel. We hope to distribute 15 to 20 bicycles annually.

Through your giving to Bicycles for Pastors in Mozambique, hard-to-reach communities will have a chance to hear the message of Jesus Christ.