Church Buildings in Mozambique

Buildings & Infrastructure


Over 140 Brethren in Christ (BIC) congregations exist in Mozambique.

Often church building collapse after only 1-5 years because most are built without a concrete foundation; for cost reasons, mud is used as mortar between the bricks. In addition, roofs are constructed of poles and grass, which can catch on fire during the dry season. Cement and sheet metal roofing are very expensive by local economic standards.

Whenever a church building collapses, it is devastating for the church community. Because they lack funding, they do not have a place to meet for years.

Help us build or repair 8 to 10 congregations annually by providing: 1) cement to construct a strong foundation and solid mortar between the bricks or 2) sheet metal for a durable roof.

A well-built church structure provides a reliable place to meet and worship in both hot or stormy weather. With a well-built congregation, members can move beyond constantly repairing the poorly structured buildings to focusing on discipleship and outreach.

By giving to Church Buildings in Mozambique, you help the church expand across Mozambique.