FGA Education Project

Lahore, Pakistan
Education & Discipleship


In Pakistan, Christians are often deeply impoverished and suffer discrimination: Hard-working laborers often make just $100 per month, which is intended to feed and clothe 4-6 family members, sometimes more. Families have to often borrow money for medical needs, high bills or home repairs, which puts them in perpetual debt. They are frequently victims of exploitation, corruption, and persecution.

However, education empowers Christians in Pakistan to break free from the cycle of poverty and discrimination: helping them qualify for jobs that provide for their families and give back to their community.

You can support over 20 Christian schools reaching children who may otherwise be on the streets due to extreme poverty, child labor, or discrimination. The schools — founded by pastors of the Full Gospel Assemblies (FGA) denomination with whom we partner in Pakistan — provide quality education, and teachers also share about the hope found in Jesus Christ.

Each school employs approximately 3-7 teachers and staff to train 50-100 children, mostly from preschool through fifth grade though a few schools offer classes through 10th grade.

Launching a School

Schools often begin meeting in an open plot inside a brick boundary wall, students sitting on a carpet on the dirt ground. While students do not often own school uniforms or books, they have a hunger to learn. If a local church can afford to build a school, the building usually functions as a church, school, and pastor’s house, spread across three floors. Local communities cover about 20% of the schools’ costs, but they can’t do it alone.

By giving to the FGA Education Project, you offer children in Pakistan a Christian education and a chance to break the cycle of poverty.