Koinonia Theological Center

Madrid, Spain
Education & Discipleship


In the Brethren in Christ Church (BIC Church) in Spain, the message of Jesus Christ has been powerfully drawing spiritual seekers. Most Spaniards are primarily disconnected from the church, secular. Thus, upon beginning a relationship with Jesus, new Christ-followers in the BIC Church in Spain are requesting intentional discipleship and theological training.

Seeing this need, BIC pastors began researching seminaries in Spain, seeing seminaries as an avenue to mentor new Christ-followers. What they found: No seminaries were focused on lay leaders, and all had theological frameworks differing significantly from the theological foundation of the Brethren in Christ.

In 2010, the BIC Church in Spain founded the first Anabaptist seminary in Spain. Accredited, the Koinonia Theological Center (Center) is supported by the network of BIC, Mennonite, and other Anabaptist groups in Spain. The Center’s main objectives are to educate and strengthen all believers (not just those considering full-time ministry) as ministers, workers, and evangelists. Since the seminary’s opening, yearly cohorts of students have energetically engaged in subjects such as the Old and New Testaments, being a missional people, spiritual formation, and preaching. Most are lay leaders: The program — which includes directed study and meeting monthly together as a cohort — is intended to be flexible for students with secular vocations.

The Center also serves as an extension to the BIC Church in Spain’s mentorship program. Church members seeking to deepen their knowledge of their faith and the Bible, especially house group leaders, are encouraged to participate in the seminary.

Long term, the Center is projected to become an Anabaptist resource for Spain and Latin America.

As the seminary continues to grow, we seek financial support for startup and ongoing administrative costs, as well as student scholarships.

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