Training Pastors

Education & Discipleship


Most pastors in rural Zimbabwe have limited theological training.

Weeklong training workshops are offered twice a year at Ekuphileni Bible Institute (EBI), a Bible school led by the Brethren in Christ Church (BIC Church) in Zimbabwe. Through these workshops, pastors with limited access to education are better equipped to serve their congregations and to share the hope of Jesus Christ.

However, many rural pastors have no fixed income and cannot afford to attend the seminars. Your gift can enable pastors to participate in workshops deepening their theological education.

Facilitating trainings for pastors and church leaders equips them to be more effective leaders and teachers, resulting in greater congregational vision for outreach and discipleship. Course participants always express great appreciation for what they have learned throughout the training sessions.

By giving to the Training Pastors project, you bless church leaders with continuing education opportunities, ultimately, helping them lead effectively in their congregations and communities.