Tutoring for At-Risk Students

Choma, Zambia
Education & Discipleship

In Choma, Zambia, children who have fallen behind in school struggle to catch up and complete their education. They lack a strong family support system to help them succeed as they approach high school, and many end up dropping out. Without a solid educational foundation, their futures are limited and the chances of remaining in poverty increase.

Impact the lives of disadvantaged children by partnering with the Piccolo School of Excellence to help students accomplish their educational goals.

The Piccolo School of Excellence (formerly known as Choma Reading Room) walks alongside vulnerable children by providing tutoring, support, and mentorship. The program aims to enroll new students each year, starting in fifth and sixth grade and walking alongside them into their high school education.

Teacher mentors have the opportunity to leave a lasting impression of Jesus’ love on these children by assisting them in this pivotal time of life. Continuing the vision of the Choma Reading Room, the Piccolo School of Excellence program will continue to meet a critical need in the community. The program will cultivate an environment that fosters spiritual, physical, and moral development in addition to academic growth.

By supporting the Piccolo School tutoring project, you will help at-risk students complete their education, opening doors to a brighter future. Join us in providing a tangible expression of the Gospel in Choma, Zambia.


November 28, 2022

In 2022, the Piccolo School of Excellence made a big difference in the lives of underprivileged students in Choma. Four students who had previously dropped out of school have submitted their grade seven exams and are expectantly waiting to hear if they can enroll in grade eight for the 2023 school year. Nine more children are enrolled at Piccolo and hope to do the same thanks to the vital tutoring and support they receive through the program.