University Scholarships for At-Risk Youth

Education & Discipleship


Among the Isaan people of rural northeast Thailand, children are often raised by grandparents while parents or older siblings go to large cities to earn money for their families. Teenagers are expected to help support the family financially as soon as possible, which often means they drop out of high school and don’t consider attending university a viable option. Those who do begin university studies may be forced to drop out if funds aren’t available or if other financial needs arise within their extended families.

While a university education would lead to stable, higher paying jobs, teenagers face family pressure to become wage-earners as soon as possible, even if that means taking low paying jobs with little security. Additionally, dropping out of school leaves young adults vulnerable to involvement in the sex trade industry.

Help at-risk young adult believers from BIC churches in northeast Thailand continue their education and enable them to stay involved with the church in their area. While attending local university, these students can be discipled and mentored to become leaders. Support will be given to students who are truly in need (not having sufficient family support) with the expectation they will work part-time to help support themselves.

By supporting this project, you will assist young adults in completing a university education, preparing them for stable careers that can support their families. Not only will this educational assistance benefit students and their families economically, students will also benefit spiritually from receiving discipleship and leadership training within the local church.


June 9, 2023

Thanks to generous donors, three Issan scholarship recipients just graduated from university! The funding and mentorship provided through this scholarship sets young adults up for success in career, community, and spiritual life. Two more students are currently enrolled in university, working toward graduation and successful futures.