Church Buildings in Zimbabwe

Buildings & Infrastructure


Church planting is a major goal of the Brethren in Christ Church (BIC Church) in Zimbabwe. We aim to plant 14 churches per year. However, whether in urban or rural areas, we struggle to find permanent places to meet as we plant churches: New church plants gather in houses, school classrooms, or even under trees.

Needing a proper place of worship, congregations often pool their limited resources to build a church. In rural areas, members usually mold and burn their own bricks. But many congregations are unable to find sufficient funds to complete an entire building.

Join us in purchasing church building materials for congregations, particularly church plants. A church building will be a community gathering place, attracting new members to start or deepen their relationships with Jesus.

We encourage local congregation to complete the walls and frames of the buildings themselves; funding from this project purchases roof materials — such as roofing trusses and corrugated iron sheets for roofs. We also help purchase steel framing for windows and doors as a way of preventing termite infestation and destruction.

By giving to the Church Buildings in Zimbabwe project, you help a congregation in Zimbabwe have a secure and inviting place to worship.


June 7, 2021

Distributed: $8,112

Another church building in Zimbabwe—Empumalanga in Hwange—is presently being completed. Thanks to generous donations, we were able to purchase roofing materials to contribute toward this building project. The local congregation provided labor and bricks, and also purchased windows, doors, and corresponding frames to construct the building. Future donations to the Church Buildings in Zimbabwe project will help us partner with and encourage other local congregations as they build new places of worship.