Church Buildings in Odisha

Buildings & Infrastructure

Brethren in Christ congregations in Odisha, India are growing rapidly and reaching out to new families and communities—including lesser-reached people who have had little access to the Gospel. Bible study groups that started as home churches are now thriving congregations meeting regularly for fellowship, worship, and Bible teaching.

A challenging side effect of this growth, however, is finding adequate places to meet. Congregations often gather beneath trees, under verandas, or in earthen homes. Outdoor venues are unreliable due to weather, and earthen homes are uncomfortable in the winter and susceptible to damage in the rainy season.

Partner with these blossoming congregations to construct new church buildings.

BIC Odisha has identified a need for two types of church buildings: a basic style with a tin exterior and a longer-term structure with walls of concrete. These buildings will be sturdy, secure places for new disciples to expand their faith, learn more about Christ, and develop as a dedicated community of believers. Having church buildings where believers can meet will also promote church growth as congregants welcome new brothers and sisters into God’s family.

By giving to the Church Buildings in Odisha project you can support a new generation of Indian brothers and sisters as they grow in faith and reach their communities for Christ.