Clinic Construction: Nono Mission

Buildings & Infrastructure, Health Care

Access to adequate healthcare services is a major challenge in Western Zimbabwe. In many remote communities, people must travel long distances – often on foot – to receive medical care, making preventative or primary care nearly impossible. As a result, many treatable illnesses go undetected until they are far more serious.

The BIC Nono Mission is located in rural Western Zimbabwe. Currently only one clinic serves this area and is often overwhelmed by demand. The nearest hospital is more than 30 miles away.

Help Nono Mission complete their new clinic, offering much needed healthcare in this community.

The clinic will make primary healthcare much more accessible for people in the surrounding villages with the goal of preventing worsening conditions and complications. Construction is already underway, however, additional funds are needed to complete the clinic.

Promoting the physical health of a community is a practical witness of the Gospel. By giving to the Clinic Construction: Nono Mission project, you will improve the accessibility of primary healthcare for thousands of families while simultaneously demonstrating the love and compassion of Christ.


October 26, 2023

Thanks to our generous supporters, construction of the building is close to completion, bringing Nono Mission one step closer to filling a gap in the healthcare needs of the region.