Training Doctors

Health Care


Most Zimbabweans have limited access to adequate healthcare, a problem exacerbated by a shortage of trained doctors. Over the past several years, the BIC hospitals—Mtshabezi Mission Hospital and Phumula Mission Hospital— have experienced this staffing shortage. Often, these mission hospitals operate without a doctor, requiring critically-ill patients to travel hundreds of miles to the next closest medical center or, at times, pass away without receiving necessary medical care. Having full-time doctors at the mission hospitals would greatly enhance the lives of countless people in the surrounding remote areas.

However, the cost of formal medical training is out of reach for many. Through this initiative, we hope to provide educational training for two individuals to become doctors over the next three years. In turn, these doctors will commit to serving our BIC hospitals in Zimbabwe, providing life-saving services and quality treatment to those in need.

By giving to the Training Doctors project, you will provide essential medical care for the sick and vulnerable in rural areas of Zimbabwe.