Refugee Care

Middle East
Development & Relief

Forced to flee their homes, refugee families in the Middle East continue to face numerous hardships.

Without a network to support them in this monumental transition, many families struggle in their search for permanent work options, sufficient housing, quality education, affordable health care, community integration, and emotional stability.

Help us care for refugee families through various forms of compassion ministry. Considering the magnitude of needs, this project is multifaceted and cares for various needs in children and adults:

Food and Medical Aid

With very few resources of their own, refugee families struggle to have enough money for basic food and medical expenses. Job opportunities are extremely limited and resettlement organizations and government programs often cease providing aid before refugee families are fully resettled.

Our workers in the region use project funds to provide grocery packets of rice, sugar, oil, tea, shampoo, diapers, dish soap, and other necessities to struggling families. Additionally, the funds may be used to provide families with heat during the cold winter months and cover medical and dental costs for refugees who are otherwise unable to afford appropriate medical care.

Community Building

Refugee families throughout the region lack a sense of belonging and community in their new setting. Kids’ soccer clinics and group outings to nature preserve areas help bridge relational gaps and foster healthy family interactions between our workers and those seeking the truth. Funds from this project facilitate soccer clinics and day trips out in nature to build relational trust and friendship.

Refugees live in a world marred by violence and constantly in flux. By giving to the Refugee Care project, you can share the love of Jesus by caring for the needs of refugee families in the Middle East.