Sustaining Church Hospitals and Schools

Development & Relief


The economic situation in Zimbabwe is challenging.

Formerly, the government offered grants to help the Zimbabwe Brethren in Christ Church (BIC Church) run schools, hospitals, and clinics. Such funding is no longer available. In addition, hospitals and clinics cannot charge for the many services rendered in rural areas.

This makes operating extremely difficult. Things such as ambulances, water pumps, and generators frequently break down, and there are no funds for their repair.

Help us sustain church hospitals, schools, and clinics — safeguarding us in the face of emergencies.

Operating our Christ-centered hospitals, schools, and clinics is a practical demonstration of the love and compassion of Jesus Christ. And, many people have begun a personal relationship with Jesus Christ through the witness of both staff and local church members.

By giving to the Sustaining Church Hospitals and Schools project, you make an impact on many lives the church is touching via these institutions throughout Zimbabwe.