Scholarships for Theology Students

Southern Africa
Education & Discipleship


In southern Africa, the Brethren in Christ Church is rapidly growing.

However, training pastors to lead the multiplying church is challenging. Most countries in this region have failed or weak economies, some being listed among the poorest countries in the world. The local church does not have the resources to significantly assist in training its leaders.

Join us in providing scholarships to equip young leaders for ministry. Through receiving a theological scholarship, pastors, students, and church leaders can attend seminaries and Bible schools throughout southern Africa, providing them with a robust biblical framework from which to lead and teach.

To thrive as a church, we need to equip and train our promising leaders. Through having a theological education, leaders can shepherd their church communities, grounding them in the gospel and healthy, Spirit-filled outreach.

By giving to the Scholarships for Theology Students project, you support the training of future church leaders.