Bibles for the Yawo: Audio and Print

Education & Discipleship, Evangelism Resources

BIC missionaries have worked among the Yawo people of Malawi for more than twenty years, and a growing number of Yawo are coming to faith. As people become curious and yearn to know the way of salvation through Jesus Christ, their desire to learn the word of God increases.

However, with limited resources to purchase Bibles or travel to hear someone share the truth, seekers and new believers don’t have many options to access the scripture. Even when someone in the village owns a Bible, many don’t read or haven’t had enough education to understand it.

A solar-powered audio Bible.

Audio Bibles will give many people full access to scripture. Families and friends can listen together, and Bible study leaders can use them to strengthen their own knowledge and understanding of God’s word. The audio Bibles are solar-powered and therefore easy to keep charged. For those Yawo who can read, having a paper copy of the Bible is an essential tool for discovering God’s truths and moving forward in their faith journey.

By giving to the Bibles for the Yawo: Audio and Print project, you will get the word of God into the hands of Yawo people, encouraging discipleship and growth as they search scripture to hear the Holy Spirit.