Bibles and Hymnals for Malawi

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The Brethren in Christ Church (BIC Church) in Malawi comprises over 50 congregations reaching more than 5,000 people, most of whom face extreme physical poverty. Very few Christ-followers in the church have a personal Bible and hymnal. Because they cannot access God’s Word, spiritual growth suffers across the church. The BIC Church as a whole has limited financial resources and continues to explore innovative ways to grow funds for long-term outreach.

Join us in making Bibles and hymnals in the local language of Chichewa available to congregants at a reduced price. For a small donation, individuals can purchase a Bible or hymnal, enabling them to take personal ownership of these life-giving resources. Proceeds from Bible and hymnal sales will be designated for the church’s long-term ministry endowment.

We believe recipients who purchase Bibles will be motivated to read and understand God’s Word and, in turn, grow in their faith. From the sale of Bibles and hymnals, the BIC Church in Malawi will be able to expand their strategic outreach into local communities.

By giving to the Bibles and Hymnals project, you provide individuals access to God’s Word, as well as make way for future church ministry through the church’s endowment fund.