Motorcycles for Ministry in Malawi

Evangelism Resources

Rural Malawian roads are pockmarked and rough, and most BIC Malawi congregations are located in remote areas. As such, transportation is a challenge for church leaders.

Poor access roads and limited public transportation options make it difficult for BIC Malawi’s regional superintendents to maintain regular contact with pastors and travel between congregations. Regular visits are vital for encouragement, mentorship, administrative support, and inter-congregational connection.

BIC Malawi regional superintendents need vehicles that can navigate rough terrain to enable ongoing contact with those in their care.

This project aims to provide seven motorcycles so church leaders can better reach their flocks. Your support will help regional superintendents make routine visits to their respective pastors and congregants thereby enhancing ministry, evangelism, church planting, training, and discipleship.

By giving to Motorcycles for Ministry in Malawi, you will empower BIC area supervisors in mentoring new converts, strengthening existing church members, and ultimately drawing more people to Christ.