Small-Scale Farming: Amazon

Development & Relief

Life in the Amazon rainforest of Ecuador is not easy.

Extreme weather and natural disasters threaten communities, and tribal wars leave behind widows and orphans. In Amazonian cultures, men are the caretakers and stewards of the whole family, making widows and children especially vulnerable to homelessness and food insecurity.

Join us in helping 15 women start small-scale farms to provide food and income for their families.

Owning and operating small farms will empower Amazonian women as they care for their children in a male-dominated culture. Animals can be used as food for their own families or can be sold to earn an income. Having a reliable source of food and potential income will offer women increased stability today while also opening economic opportunities for the future.

By giving to the Small-Scale Farming project, you provide sustainable farming opportunities for at-risk women and children in the Amazon.