Bibles for Mozambique

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For a farmer in Mozambique, a Bible costs the equivalent of 2-4 weeks’ wages. Most pastors and church members in Brethren in Christ (BIC) churches in Mozambique are subsistence farmers, unable to own a personal Bible.

Likewise, biblical literacy in the BIC Church in Mozambique is low: Around 95% of pastors haven’t attended Bible school or other ministry training. Sunday school is nonexistent, so few opportunities exist for laypeople to gain biblical training.

Help us provide 300-400 Bibles annually to the local churches in Mozambique. We provide personal Bibles to church members in their own language. Through studying God’s Word, Christ-followers experience the truth of the gospel that then impacts their lives, congregations, and communities.

By giving to the Bibles for Mozambique project, you provide Bibles to pastors and church members, most of whom will receive them for the very first time.