Construction: Banmankhi SPICE Hostel

Bihar, India
Buildings & Infrastructure


The Banmankhi Hostel in Bihar, India is a boys housing facility for the SPICE program (Sponsorship Program for International Children’s Education). During the school year, approximately 60 students make the hostel their home, giving them access to high-quality education in a nurturing environment.

Constructed in the 1970’s, the existing Banmankhi Hostel is in need of repair. However, because of the building’s age and limitations, it was determined that building a new hostel would be a better use of resources, rather than updating the old building. Construction on the new facility has begun, but additional support is needed to complete the project. Giving to this project will provide funds for the structure’s plumbing, electrical work, doors, windows, and roof.  

Completing construction of the new Banmankhi Spice Hostel will provide an updated space for the boys who rely on this facility. Each SPICE hostel provides a Christian home environment and access to quality education for the children. Nurturing and discipling children with a Christian education brings positive changes to their lives that, in turn, has a positive impact within the community. Many graduates of the SPICE program have gone on to become strong leaders in the Brethren in Christ Church of India.

By giving to the Banmankhi Hostel Building project, you will provide a safe and stable living environment for 60 boys in the SPICE program as they learn and grown in their faith.


October 31, 2020

Thanks to all our generous donors, this project is now fully funded! The monies have been sent to the team in Bihar so that construction of the new building can be completed. Windows and doors have been ordered and are expected at the end of November. After those have been installed, the final stage of plastering the walls will begin.