Malaria Prevention: Macha Mission Hospital

Macha, Zambia
Health Care


In recent years, we at Macha Mission Hospital (Macha Hospital) have made strides to greatly reduce malaria in southern Zambia. However, the disease — which can be fatal if left untreated — has not been eliminated.

Hospital building are not screened, and at times mosquitoes enter the hospital in large numbers. Staff and patients are vulnerable to being bitten by the mosquitoes, and in the past, some have contracted malaria as a result.

Give mosquito spray and bed nets to Macha Hospital — and help us lower the risk of staff and patients being bitten by mosquitoes and possibly contracting malaria. We spray the repellent along the inside walls of our clinics and residential buildings to reduce the mosquito population and safeguard our staff and patients from mosquito bites. We also hang bed nets over each bed, so patients can sleep free of mosquito bites at night.

By giving to the Malaria Prevention project, you protect Macha Hospital patients and staff from malaria.