Bibles for Nepal and Tibet

Nepal, Tibet
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Current Funding Needs Met

Thanks to the generous support of our donors, current funding needs for this project have been met.


In Nepal and Tibet, many people in rural areas cannot afford their own Bibles.

The Brethren in Church in Nepal is missional, equipping church planters evangelizing throughout Nepal and Tibet. Church planters are calling for Bibles to give to the new Christ-followers they are discipling. Partner with us to purchase and distribute 400 Bibles in the region annually.

For seekers and new Christ-followers, a Bible in their mother tongue will provide a way to read and understand God’s Word for themselves. Christ-followers will be able to verify the teaching of church planters and grow in personal witness within their communities.

By giving to the Bibles for Nepal and Tibet project, you provide seekers and new Christ-followers with God’s Word in their own languages.