Bicycles for Ministry

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Transportation is a significant challenge in Malawi. Rural pastors don’t have access to personal vehicles, public transport is poor or nonexistent, and roads are very rough. Walking is often the only option, which limits pastors in providing timely pastoral care and support to congregants.

Bicycles will not only help to alleviate transportation hardships, but will also empower pastors to extend their reach, connect with more people, and strengthen the unity of the BIC community.

This project aims to provide bicycles for 20 pastors with the goal of promoting outreach, discipleship, and church growth. Bicycles will enable pastors to visit church members more frequently and deliver timely pastoral care and spiritual guidance. More efficient transportation will also encourage stronger connections within the community and facilitate collaboration between other pastors and congregations.

By giving to this project, you will make a tangible difference in the lives of pastors, inspire spiritual growth in the church, and enhance the overall effectiveness of ministry efforts.