Motorcycle for Ministry in Bihar

Bihar, India
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In the region of Bihar, India, many Brethren in Christ congregations are located in remote, hard-to-reach areas. This creates a transportation challenge for Bihar’s general secretary who serves as the director and administrative leader of the region.

Without a proper vehicle, miles of rough roads and difficult travels stand between him and the region’s churches and ministry locations.

Help us purchase a motorcycle to bless and encourage the church in Bihar. By having access to a motorcycle, the general secretary can access rural congregations. Motorcycles are more economic and affordable than other vehicles and can traverse rough roads more easily.

Effective transportation will allow the general secretary to spend additional time providing ministerial and administrative support to believers throughout the region. The motorcycle will also enable him to visit multiple church leaders and congregants in a shorter time than if he would be relying on public transportation options.

By contributing to the Motorcycle for Ministry project, you will help strengthen the BIC Church in India through the ministry of the general secretary. As the church is strengthened and encouraged, the Gospel continues to spread, and the Kingdom is advanced.


June 15, 2022

Thanks to generous donors, in October 2021 we raised enough funds to purchase a motorcycle so the general secretary can easily access and minister to the region’s remote congregations. He writes: “This bike is really helpful and a blessing to the ministry. Now I have convenient access to all the required regions for ministry as well as for administrative visits.”