Motorcycles for Ministry in Honduras

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In Honduras, bishops in the Brethren in Christ Church (BIC Church) lack effective transportation to reach the churches under their care.

In rural regions, bishops often walk, ride a horse, or bike to the churches they oversee. Churches may only be 1-5 miles apart, but the pastors cannot return to their own homes or churches within the same day. And much of their time is spent traveling to and from churches instead of directly ministering to pastors. In cities, bishops can access public transportation; however, public transit shuts down in the evenings, forcing pastors to stay overnight at locations only 15 minutes away by motorcycle.

Join us in purchasing motorcycles for bishops in Honduras: Motorcycles curb travel time and overnight stays for bishops while they supervise congregations in surrounding regions. Limiting travel will free them to minister to pastors, their families, and home congregations.

By giving to the Motorcycles for Ministry project, you can help bishops travel to their ministries and disciple their congregations more effectively.